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Established in 2001, (formally CompFL) CompFlorida, Inc. offers complete integration services from computer and networking to electronic devices. we also provide a wide array of web services.


CompFlorida, Inc's goal is to provide our customers with professional, practical, and knowledgeable service.


At CompFlorida, Inc we are concerned with fulfilling customers' technology needs, delivering the right quality components and maximizing product capabilities. Value is added through ongoing support and strategic vendor relationships.


With new ways to exchange and share information. CompFlorida, Inc understands the benefits of this technology. CompFlorida, Inc believes in maintaining a relationship with clients through design, implementation, and maintenance of client computers and network systems.


Contact information

CompFLorida, Inc.

1888 N Univesity Dr Plantation, FL 33322

Phone : (954) 742 - 6673

Fax : (954) 337 - 0148

Email :



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